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Welcome to the new official Populuslive
blog. We at Populuslive treasure your opinions and as such would like to hear more from you. It doesn’t matter when, where and how you do it or even what it’s about. We would like to know. So, please watch this space and make it yours!

Posted to Populuslive blog by PopulusLive Admin on 24/09/2010 17:07:42 | with 530 comments

David Boughton
It seems that when you have over £30 credited the surv...

margaret mccabe
hey guys check out: valued opinions, & Toluna if you wa...

margaret mccabe
I recall not having survey's for over 4 months i think this...

Linda Fradgley
Havn't had any surveys sent for over a month - Is there a p...

gary turner
why have the surveys stopped coming

Denitsa Georgieva
Why do i fill surveys and i get no money in my balance?

Tricia Griffin
I have only been screened out once and that was in the begi...

Dorothy Nickoll
This is a good reliable site. I get surveys about 1 or 2 a...

Just done a survey and was awarded £3,Brings my total ...

cath bullock
Hi Caroline I have had just had my £50 cheque, you jus...

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