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Posted to Populuslive blog by PopulusLive Admin on 24/09/2010 17:07:42 | with 598 comments

Allen Darling
Not worth partaking as hardly sent any surveys anymore.

Paul Fleming
Sparkles, Populus send the surveys to you via e-mail. Som...

Hi all I'm new too and haven't got a clue where to find the...

Joanne Mercer
Enjoyed the debate. Only received one survey at 9pm though...

terina davidson
enjoyed the political panel surveys managed to do them fair...

I've just read your blog - only a politician can say so lit...

Hello! I started on the 26 March 2015 and since i have don...

brendan taylor
I got all the way through a £3 survey and got my postcode w...

greg jarvis
yet again received my payment promptly,and am well on my wa...

Elizabeth Barclay
anyone else having problems with surveys, I got part way th...

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