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Welcome to the new official Populuslive
blog. We at Populuslive treasure your opinions and as such would like to hear more from you. It doesn’t matter when, where and how you do it or even what it’s about. We would like to know. So, please watch this space and make it yours!

Posted to Populuslive blog by PopulusLive Admin on 24/09/2010 17:07:42 | with 494 comments

robert parkin
Hi just got to my 1st 50 point,s and it ,s taken some time ...

clare mcmenemy
Hi I just completed a survey and at 87% it suddenly said ' ...

Cheryll Collinson
Like several comments by people I too do not get regular su...

Barry Smith
How come the first entry page doesn't accept my post code a...

It is the 18th of September and I still have not received m...

Peter Nisbet
I am over 65 and I get plenty of surveys.

Peter Bray
What's gone wrong? On 3rd Sept your email said in the next ...

John Duplock
Thanks Populus for my fourth cheque. This really IS the bes...

david wheeler
Hi, I tried to do your survev bot i could not get to the ne...

janet binns
is there any reason why when you turn 65 you start to get t...

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